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Cracking the Coding Interview with Real-World Examples

Companies hire software engineers to solve real-world problems. They aren't just seeking individuals who can efficiently write code to find the K Frequent Numbers in a list. They want professionals who can analyze a user story, delve deeper, identify that the underlying core issue of the story is to find the K Frequent Numbers in a list, and then craft an efficient solution.

In this series of chapters, we will discuss multiple real-world problems and learn how to build each feature in detail, explaining the underlying patterns that can be applied to interview questions. Then, you will be asked to solve problems related to the pattern we discussed on your own.

Please note that all resemblances we'll discuss in this series are purely for understanding purposes. They may not represent the actual algorithms used by each application. Each has its own distributed solution to achieve the same goal.

All the best.

Course Author: Prerna Sharma, Software Engineer at Google