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Become a Contributor/Author at Innoskrit Learning Hub


Welcome to Innoskrit Learning Hub


Innoskrit empowers individuals by offering a 'Contribute' feature on their platform, providing a space for users to share their insights and knowledge on various topics. This feature serves as an avenue for users to showcase their research and writing proficiency to a global audience. By contributing, individuals not only enrich their understanding of specific subjects but also earn recognition and rewards, including remuneration, internship opportunities, and exclusive discount offers.

If you appreciate Innoskrit and wish to contribute, simply fill out the form, and somebody from our team will reach out and onboard you.

Before you apply, we would recommend you read through the details below.


  • Contributor - if you're only interested in publishing blog posts.
  • Author - if you're interested in publishing blog posts and text-based courses.


  • A contributor can create and edit their blog posts, but cannot publish. It will require approval from the Admin and only the admin will be able to publish them.
  • Once you become a contributor, our team will add you to the private channel in our Discord Server where you will be able to interact and discuss anything in case you have any concerns. You will need to join Discord and once you join it please inform us about the same to add you to the private channel. You can send the message to any of the admins or post in #general, we will verify and add you to the private channel.
  • You will find a Google Sheet in the Discord Private Channel where you will be able to keep the status of your articles like To-Do, In-Progress, Ready for Review, Approved, Deleted etc.
  • This scenario is designed to uphold a standard of excellence in the content we provide to our readers. We are committed to maintaining high-quality material to ensure a valuable and enriching experience for our audience.
  • Your content will receive full credibility, and every time you publish an article, we'll give you a shout-out, acknowledging your contribution.


  • An author is a trusted user who can create, edit, publish their blog posts, and create text-based courses, but can’t modify others.
  • You can be promoted to Author once you publish at least 5 articles as a Contributor.
  • And thereafter, you will be eligible for the Innoskrit Swag Kit and Stipend.
  • Once you become an author, one of us will connect with you to discuss the next journey and provide you with proper training on how to write text-based courses and make them best for our readers.
  • We expect very high-quality content to be delivered once you are here, be it an explanation, or visualization to make our readers understand the topic properly.

Guidelines for Contributor

Please read the guidelines carefully. Here, we will explain to you the guidelines for publishing blogs/articles.

Blog Guidelines:

Once we make you a Contributor, you can log in to the Innoskrit Admin Panel. You will be able to see your Admin Dashboard where you can find a button to Write a new post.

  • Once you click on it, it will open a Markdown Editor for you where you can write your stuff.
  • From the top-right section, you will be able to see Post Settings where you can manage Post URL, Publish Date, Excerpt, Meta Data, etc. We highly recommend you provide these details.
  • Add a Featured Image for your blog post. We recommend you use this Canva Image as a sample image. Once you open the link, click on File in the top-left corner, and click on Make a Copy to open it in your Canva Account.
  • You can make edits and download it as PNG in 1920 x 1080 px.
  • You can always save your blog post even if it's not complete, it will be saved as a Draft. But once you are done, please update the Google sheet which will be provided to you once you onboard.

How to create images?

You can use Canva to create Images, GIFs, Slides, etc to explain things.

Please go through the below articles to understand what we are expecting from you.

Remove Interval
Problem Statement A set of real numbers can be represented as the union of several disjoint intervals, where each interval is in the form [a, b). A real number x is in the set if one of its intervals [a, b) contains x (i.e. a <= x < b). You are
Race Condition
Introduction One of the most common problems in multithreaded applications is the problem of race conditions. In this tutorial, we’ll learn what race conditions are and how are they introduced into the system. What is a Race Condition? A race condition occurs when two or more threads have access
How to run PostgreSQL using Docker?
How to run Postgres in Docker? To start with first download the latest Docker Desktop release and install it. Docker Desktop includes the Docker CLI, Docker Compose, and required development tools. Meanwhile, the Docker Desktop will help you manage images and containers. Afterward, it’s time to Dockerize Postgres. Pull

So if you are ready to embark on this journey with us. Click on the button below and fill out the form.